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Нашла у Стива Даффи в рассказе Tragic Life Stories, долго радовалась:

…it was a large branch with an extensive book section, and he made a beeline for FANTASY.  There they were, the bastards – all the usual suspects, smug and secure in their shiny bastard jackets. This one: he couldn’t write two grammatical sentences in a row, his sub-editor spent upwards of six months on each MS, Dan knew that for a fact. Not so much editing it, as translating it into English. This one next to him: been ripping off Tolkien for how long now? Surprised she hadn’t grown a beard and changed her name to Gandalf. ... Bastards. At least he he’d never had to share a panel with them at some godawful convention in Leicester of Ashton-under-Lyne ever again...

Очень напоминает некоторые сетевые обсуждения.

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